Version 2.7.0



Localize is a way to manage all the text on all the platforms, it manages translations and allows you to update text on apps without having to release a new version

Added in version: 1.0

The files feature allows you to store all kinds of files ( images, pdf's etc.) that can then be easily retrieved by anyone with the required access

Added in version: 2.0
Rate reminder

Setup a smart point system for your application to improve app store ratings. When the points are reached the user will be notified to rate the app in the platform specific app store

Added in version: 2.2

Very useful for collecting user feedback in one place that is easily accessible. This can be used to include a "Send us feedback" section or "Shake to feedback"

Added in version: 2.3
Version control

Keeping mobile apps up to date is often af tough task. But using version control feature of NStack you can inform the user that a new version of the app is available or even enforce the user to update

Added in version: 1.0

Using the Messages feature of NStack can be a great tool for informing your user about technical difficulties, new sales or actions, etc

Added in version: 1.0

The responses feature is very versatile and can be used as an alternative for custom API's for simple apps/websites that mainly use static content

Added in version: 1.0

The collection feature can be seen as a more structured version of the responses feature, a good alternative for custom API's for simple apps/websites

Added in version: 1.0
Config - Feature flags

Setup state for the app such as feature flags and feature configuration

Added in version: 2.7
Geographic data sets

A range of datasets (country, languages, timezones etc), to avoid hardcoding in your app or using a 3rd party datasets/libraries

Added in version: 1.0
IP Database

This is useful in cases where the location of the user doesn't need to be accurate, or fallback to no gps permission

Added in version: 1.1

Very powerful tool to build more advanced validation of phone number / emails than just simple regex

Added in version: 1.2

The terms feature allows you to setup Terms and Conditions, Privacy policies, cookie policies etc. Version and localize them, and track who have read them

Added in version: 2.2