Backend as a Service for Mobile & Web apps

From a business perspective NStack provides a set of tools that facilitates and speeds up product development and project management. From handling translations to useful datasets you can use in your products like languages and countries, NStack surely has a feature that will help you speed up development.

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Great possibilities awaiting for your app


Add text and numerous translations to your app and have them live updated in your app

Version control

Control the version of your production apps and provide an updated changelog to your valuable users

15+ other features

Rate reminder, messages, dashboards, email validation and much more to empower the user experience


Available for iOS Swift, Android Kotlin, PHP, Vapor Swift and JS

Video explanation

Chris Combs - Head of iOS

Chris is explaining why NStack is a very important tool for productivity for team of iOS engineers, building mobile apps daily.

Based on our extensive experience in custom app development we have developed the NStack platform. The platform allow us to re-use a range of functionality and code across projects, allows faster setup and deployment of new projects and offers beautiful and intuitive platform for clients to use out of the box.

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